Heat Treating Services Unlimited Inc. has more than 100 years of experience in thermal processing and heat system management, and a team of engineers and technicians who understand the wide array of elements of heating science and thermal system management. Whether your business is in need of immediate help, long term planning, or anything in between, HTSU has a varied team of knowledgable consultants ready to help your business with any questions, concerns or problems that may arise about your business’s thermal processing.

With regards to projects and plans for your thermal processing system, our consultants can help with…

  • Capital Projects
  • Safety Programs and Management
  • Data Collection and Utilization
  • Technology Updates and Adjustments
  • Technology Repair and Direction Towards New Systems or Parts
  • Preventative Maintenance Programs
  • On-site presence during Nadcap, Boeing, or CQI-9 audits.
  • Furnace and Instrumentation check ups and regular calibration and advice.
  • Advice on Best New Technology and Replacement Options
  • New System Upgrade Options.
  • 24/7 Emergency Service for Quick Analysis and Consultation

HTSU engineers also have a firm grasp of industry standards and requirements including the following regulatory standards…

  • Maintaining CQI-9 Special Process and Heat Treat System Assessments
  • Maintaining AMS 2750 Pyrometric Requirements
  • Maintaining NADCAP pyrometric Requirements

HTSU also has it’s own calibration lab at its disposal as well as business leading technology and part repair that can offer a unique and much needed insight into upgrading and maintaining your business’s heating system. HTSU consultants can analyze your system and offer solutions to failing equipment and advanced technology.