Flame Safety Control

No matter what type of thermal processing system you use, your number one concern is always keeping your plant a safe place to work for your employees. Knowing that your systems are safe to use and won’t cause injury or danger helps you and your employees focus on the work at hand without having to be afraid any time you deal with your system.

Heat Treating Systems Unlimited can provide your business with any type of flame safety and combustion control system necessary. Our products are safe and reliable, and can be used in any type of commercial or industrial boiler as well as air units and commercial or industrial hot water heaters.

Protecting Your Business

Accidents happen in any business, but we work hard to provide quality products that will drastically increase your chances of having one. Even small accidents that don’t cause serious injuries can lead to downtime, lost product, or damage to your plant, so at HTSU we make sure to only provide safe and reliable products.

Flame and combustion monitoring is vital to your business. Don’t take any chances when it comes to the safety of your employees and workplace – contact us today to learn more about our reliable products and service.